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Ge.Tel. was born in 1985 from IM.EL.CO Electronic Component Engineering to develop a project for the management of TV systems. Since January 1990 the society has absorbed the original firm, expanding its activities, which can be summed up as follows:
- reception and distribution of TV systems, both cables and satellite
- CATV equipment and optic fibres
- Videoprojection with high resolution and multi-projection
- Audio systems for meeting halls and public estates
- News channels for medical and tourist centres
- Video voice and data system with MPEG4 compression
- CCTV system via FO lines, twisted pair cables and IP Network
- Transmission of data via Ethernet radio LAN 2.4 GHz – HyperLAN 5.4 GHZ, Wi-MAX 3.5 GHz, GPRS/EDGE – UMTS standards